Ultra filtration


Ultra filtration module with regenerable mixed bed and UV reactor in the application centre of the Ilmenau Technical University

During recent years, more and more ultra filtration membranes are used in drinking and industrial water treatment. The filtration range of the modules is 10,000–100,000 Dalton, so that biological and colloidal contamination in the water is retained. In drinking water applications the retention of TOC, that is bacteria, viruses and germs, is especially important. In industrial applications, ultra filtration represents a very effective pretreatment method upstream of reverse osmosis installations, thus increasing the RO efficiency.

EnviroDTS ultra filtration membranes operate as dead-end membranes without a concentrate stream. The whole water is pushed through the membrane and as soon as a given degree of contamination is reached, the membrane is backwashed. Short, strong water flushing loosens the dirt deposits on the membrane and washes them out.

Usually, groups of modules are installed that can be connected and disconnected individually so that there is always the right amount of water for the different operating modes.