Flotation is a physical separation process for separation of fine-grained solids mixtures in a watery suspension that works through addition of air bubbles. This process uses the different wetting properties of the particle surfaces.

Flotation is often used in combination with a demulsification method.

The Lugan® product range

Dissolved air flotation for the treatment of industrial wastewater
Lugan® flotation plants serve the posterior treatment of wastewater from rinsing processes, e.g. from wash bays for vehicle or parts cleaning. They cause separation of residual, emulsified oils and greases as well as heavy metals after pretreatment through a separating unit.

These plants are proven in food and wash bay applications. They are also widely used as a separate installation for indirect introduction and water recirculation processes, or as a pretreatment stage in biological plants.

Through posterior wastewater treatment, the adherence to the limits valid for pH, hydrocarbons, lipophilic substances and heavy metals is guaranteed. CSB and BSB values are considerably reduced.


Lugan® 1500

Lugan® 5000

Lugan® 10000