Water treatment


In accordance with EN / DIN and VDI regulations, we at EnviroDTS plan and construct installations for almost all areas of water treatment.

Examples are:

  • Ultrapurification installations for the electronics industry and cleanroom supply
        installations according to VDI 2083 as well as central laboratory water supply installations
  • Supply installations for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries in accordance with
       DAB as aqua purificata or in WFI quality.
  • Supply systems for cooling and air contitioning installations in accordance with VDI 3803
  • Boiler feed water installations for the supply of steam generators in accordance
       with TRD 611 / 612
  • We mainly use the following plant technologies

Vollentsalzungsanlage 60 m³/h mit 10 m³/h Kondensataufbereitung bei SCA Aschaffenburg

Umkehr-Osmose Blue Line bis 2 m³/h