MINI-FIX: the compact, fully automatic neutralisation plant for laboratories

Task of the plant

The MINI-FIX system has been designed for decentralised application below the laboratory table. Its advantages are a small footprint, easy operation, rugged design and optimal cost-benefit ratio. With the help of special electrodes and chemicals, the installation can also be used for cyanide and chromate decontamination.

Process description

The wastewater to be neutralised (pH 2–12) flows along an incline into the reaction tank. As soon as full contact is established, the neutralisation process is started automatically. The wastewater first is thoroughly mixed with a feed pump and the pH value is determined. Then the PLC doses acid or base, depending on the deviation from the permitted pH level. Finally the neutralised wastewater can be introduced into the sewers.

With its extremely small dimensions, the MINI-FIX neutralisation installation fits in almost any laboratory wash cupboard.


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Minifix advantages

  1. Completely closed installation
  2. Extremely low maintenance: the individual components can be accessed and disassembled easily
  3. Siemens PLC controller: a buffer tank with level indicator can be connected
  4. High-quality dosing valves outside the chemicals tanks
  5. Easy filling of the chemicals tank by the means of quick couplings
  6. No problematic odours thanks to acid fume filter
  7. Pump runs quietly, thus low noise
  8. Text display with interface; mounting at the power outlet strip of laboratory tables for example
  9. Linienschreiber zur pH-Wert-Registrierung
  10. Four transportation casters on the downside

Performance data of the installation:

Throughput 300 l/h (pH 2-12)
Working method fully automatic
Power consumption 0,5 kW
Dimensions 800 x 500 x 620 mm (LxBxH)

Additional installation features

  • Separator for sinking and floating material
  • Holding tank
  • Safety drip pan for the whole installation

Thanks to its small dimensions, the MINI-FIX neutralisation installation fits in almost any laboratory wash cupboard.