Two UV reactors with 10 m³/h and 11 kW each, hydrogen peroxide used as the oxidant (Schering AG, Weimar)
NH stripping with subsequent anodic oxidation at Johanna Solar GmbH, Brandenburg

Oxidation is a chemical reaction in which the oxidised substance sets electrons free. Another substance (the oxidant) takes the electrons, thus itself being reduced.

Oxidation and reduction always come as a pair. Both reactions are part of a redox reaction.

This process is used in various wastewater treatment processes.

As an example, special, unwanted components in the wastewater can be oxidised.

An installation at Schering AG in Weimar applies this principle. By means of UV oxidation di in the wastewater are oxidised and thus minimised.

Also pharmaceuticals contained in hospital wastewater from oncological departments, for example, can be eliminated with a combination of UV radiation and ozone oxidation.