Dosing agents


Dosing of hardness stabiliser upstream of a reverse osmosis installation (30 m3/h) in the energy centre of the Mainz university

Use of germ and virus reducing substances

Dosing of chemicals and dosing agents has always been an effective way to treat water. In the early days, only the pH value was adjusted by adding acids or bases. Later, oxidising or reducing agents served to fight microbiological contamination effectively and to protect against corrosion.

Modern EnviroDTS dosing agents have been developed far further. The use of macromolecular polymers and similar substances facilitates safe deflocculation of settling compounds as well as inhibition of pipework and of the inside walls of containers. Only by means of dosing agents is membrane filtration an effective option in water treatment technology. Precipitation and deposits on the membrane surface and inside the plants are a thing of the past.

EnviroDTS continues to develop new dosing agent combinations that are tailor-made to the customers' needs and allow ideal dosing in each individual case.

The use of special piston diaphragm pumps facilitates accurate and safe dosing in the smallest areas. A dosing capacity of less than 0.02 l/h is not so unusual nowadays. This is only possible if dosing is adapted to the project and if innovative technologies are applied.