Compact plants SPLIT-O-MAT 3000


SPLIT-O-MAT® 3000 compact plant


SPLIT-O-MAT® 3000 compact plant with accessories 

More than 6,000 Split-O-Mat® plants are running world-wide in the most diverse industries and trades. Thanks to the high degree of standardisation, ENVIRODTS offers economic and efficient solutions that are available at short notice.

Split-O-Mat® 3000 compact plants

The process is based on precipitation/flocculation and adsorption and is thus versatile and adaptable to varying load values applied. Thus the three standard chemicals dosing units for precipitant, base and flocculation aid can be extended to up to five units. It is also possible to integrate buffer tanks or to add sedimentation tanks with chamber filter press.

The SPLIT-O-MAT® principle, proven in practical use, facilitates low-cost, user-friendly and space-saving installations with different batch sizes for the treatment of wastewater volumes of up to 50 m³/day.

The process is individually adapted and comprises the following three stages:

  • buffering (option)
  • solid matter separation (if necessary)
  • flocculation/precipitation
  • sludge dewatering

Areas of use of the SPLIT-O-MAT® 3000 compact plants

The automatic SPLIT-O-MAT® 3000 compact plants are especially suitable for the treatment of wastewater from the following industries:

  • wastewater from the metal processing industry
  • wastewater from the chemical industry
  • wastewater from the paint and dye industry
  • wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry