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Volker Luh
Managing Director

Phone:+49 6031 7318 24
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40

Reliable project planning & sales with guarantee, best solutions within the (waste) water treatment for laboratories, institutes, hospitals and industry.

As Managing Director of EnviroDTS I like to be there for my customers personally. Providing you with reliable solutions in the field of wastewater and water treatment inspires me anew every day.


Complex wastewater and water treatment plants for laboratories, research institutes and facilities require a great deal of experience and detailed knowledge that can be called up directly. My staff and I provide both in every phase of your project. Therefore, I guarantee you the best result for the cooperation with my company.


We will realise your project at the current top level.


Simply contact me directly here on LinkedIn using the message function.

Contact Waterquality

Thomas Hofmann
Head of Department Project Planning and Sales Expert Water Technology, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024

Phone:+49 6031 7318 25
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40
Mobil:+49 171 9937096

Reliable expertises for water technology DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 - best solutions for laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industry, research institutes, building and power plant technology, hospitals.

The certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 is only ONE additional proof of my successful approach.


As an expert and head of the water technology project planning and sales department, I am available to you at EnviroDTS, professionally but above all personally.


My experience as a technical sales engineer means that your successful project is particularly close to my heart. For over 35 years, I have been responsible for achieving the best results in water treatment for laboratories and hospitals, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, research institutes and building and power plant technology, always at the highest level of quality and in accordance with the applicable regulations (DIN, VDI, DVGW, etc.) within the agreed time.


You can rely on me and look forward to finally achieving planning security in your projects. Every time anew. Guaranteed!


My daily commitment is to provide you with the best, most economical and reliable solution. At the same time, my aim is to provide the best customer service and to master problems in a solution-oriented manner.


Do not hesitate to get to know me!

Contact Waterquality

Julian Schmidt
Project Engineer Sales Water Technology, Water Treatment

Phone:+49 6031 7318 98
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40
Mobil:+49 151 275 03033

Joint success in complex projects! Laboratories, research institutes and facilities. Trends and technology at the cutting edge for sustainable water treatment.

My knowledge of the latest trends in water treatment, my quick perception and empathy in dealing with my business partners are the springboard for a successful cooperation with you. As a contact person in sales and project management for water technology, I am not only available to answer your technical questions at EnviroDTS, but above all I am there for you personally from the very beginning.


Through my experience as a sales and project engineer, I place great value on close cooperation and an intensive understanding of your needs. Your successful project is my top priority.

I not only take into account the legal requirements, such as DIN, VDI DVGW. What matters to me is the excellent implementation of projects in the research, building and power plant engineering sectors.


Another daily challenge I like to face is the function of an innovator. Through my constant observation of market trends, I am an important source of impetus in the internal team and a welcome discussion partner on the customer side.


Take advantage of the opportunity to have a first conversation with me. In a direct exchange, I am usually able to discuss initial approaches to finding solutions.

Contact Wastewater Treatment

Andreas Koch
Waste Water Treatment Division

Phone:+49 6031 7318 23
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40

Reliable planning within waste water treatment for laboratories, research institutes, hospitals and selected industrial sectors.

In my function as Head of Sales & Project Planning in wastewater treatment, I am a true man of conviction. For more than 15 years now, I have been able to bring exciting projects to a successful conclusion together with our customers and am always very happy about the resulting follow-up projects.


In the joint dialogue, my many years of experience and the resulting know-how help me to inspire my customers and to bring about planning security within their wastewater treatment projects. It is particularly important for me to be committed to you and your project so that no unexpected situations arise during our joint project. In demanding environments, a flexible and fair approach with a focus on your needs is most important to me.


Every collaboration starts with a first meeting. Feel free to use the message function directly here on LinkedIn and write me your request.

Contact Head of Service

Sascha Dingel
Manager Service

Phone:+49 6031 7318 0
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40

Fair communication in demanding projects, problem solver and customer voice in (waste) water treatment projects for laboratories, research, hospitals and industry

As head of commercial service at EnviroDTS, I always have an open ear for our customers in the field of wastewater and water treatment. Whether in projects for laboratories, research institutes and research facilities, hospitals or industrial sectors, I am very happy to be there for you. Especially in challenging situations, your satisfaction with our solutions is important to me.


My experience enables me to turn problems into sustainable solutions for you. from problems for you. I use my knowledge of water treatment for you in order to solve any unforeseen situation quickly, flexibly and without complications.


My most important concern is to ensure the success of your project in a fair and flexible manner.


I am happy to be of service to you and look forward to hearing from you. Simply contact me directly and use the message function on LinkedIn.

Contact Human Resources

Heike Bender

Phone:+49 6031 7318 13
Fax:+49 6031 7318 40
Mobil:+49 151 275 03033

Develop your potential and become part of the EnviroDTS family!

An attractive workplace offers more than just a good salary!

Our employees are very important to us and onboarding processes today must above all meet the needs of people.


It is important to us that you not only feel well looked after at EnviroDTS, but that you also have the opportunity to develop optimally.


To ensure that the best talents find their way to us, we do a lot here at EnviroDTS.

Not only do we offer a decent salary, we also provide comprehensive support from onboarding to development.

A healthy work-life balance and an appreciative environment in which you can optimally contribute and develop your skills are the basis of our daily cooperation.


Are you curious and would like to get to know us as your new employer?

Together we will quickly find out whether you fit in with us and can develop your career here at EnviroDTS.


Develop your potential and become part of the EnviroDTS family!

Interesting, diverse projects and challenges that will enrich your daily work are waiting to be mastered by you as part of our team.


I am there for you if something is on your mind or if I can support you in administrative matters.

Just send me your electronic documents or contact me directly.